Standard features for hotels websites

All the websites we develop have online booking function that comes with BOOK NOW button, widget or link. Also, with our websites you can combine online bookings with bookings by request or offline bookings. All your bookings will be managed through availability calendar synchronized with Google or Outlook calendars.
On all websites we develop you will be able to show the following information about your hotel:

  • Category
  • If you choose to categorize your accommodation, you can add your own categories, e.g., ocean view rooms, beach bungalows, city escape camping, business class rooms, etc.

  • Features and Amenities
  • You may add unlimited number of features or amenities and customize them for each hotel. You can categorize different features by creating groups, e.g., Amenities, Accessibility Features, Wellness, etc . The list of features or amenities will be show on your website.

  • Hotel Policies
  • You can assign certain Policies for each hotel. The Policies can include check-in and check-out time, children policy, pets policy etc. You can create as many specific hotel policies as you want. Your hotel’s Policies will be shown on the booking page of your website.

All the websites we develop allow you display useful information about your hotel. In addition to text description and photos, you can add the following information:

  • Number of beds and bed type
  • You may insert number of beds available in each room and bed types and it will be displayed on your website.

  • Bath type in the room
  • Bath type information, inserted for each room at the admin panel will be displayed on your website.

Availability Search on Hotel Website

All our websites come with real-time availability search. Besides general parameters (date, number of guests, etc.), our search box include additional parameters:

  • Onilne search criteria
  • The function of search by Rooms and/or Categories is available. In addition your hotel website visitors can search by:

  • Maximal guests
  • Number of rooms in the hotel

In addition to these features, standard features of our websites include:

  • Contact us
  • Contact form is available for your customers.

  • Favicon
  • A favicon associated with your website. We can create a favicon and upload it to your website.

  • Hosting
  • We also can provide hosting and find and register custom domain name for your hotels.