Standard Rates and Rate Plans for Hotels


With all-in-one platform for hotels you can create the following rates and rate plans per room and per bed:

  • Standard Rate
  • Rate Plans
  • Seasonal Rate
  • Custom Rates
  • Discounted Rates
  • Promotions

Standard Rate

The standard rate will apply for all booking dates where you haven’t set rate plans, season and custom rates, discounted rates or promotions. Standard Rate is the best way to ensure you have a base price set for each night throughout the year. more


Rate plans

You can create a specific Rate Plans for weekends and weekdays. The Rate Plans will apply for a selected date range. more


Seasonal Rates

For different seasons you can create seasonal rates that will apply to a given season, e.g. Peak Season or Winter Rates. more


Custom Rates

You can create a specific rates for non-standard dates, like holidays, off-days. By request, we can set a country-specific calendar with holidays and off-days, so the Custom rates will apply throughout the year.


Discounted Rates

If you are planning to make a discount for certain date or dates, you can easily do so with all-in-one platform for hotels. You will need to set up discounted rate and apply it for a selected date range.



You can set promotional rates using our Promotions feature. The Promotional rates can be used as many times as needed.