Online Bookings for Hotels

Online Bookings for your hotel


all-in-one platform for hotels allows you to combine ONLINE bookings with OFFLINE bookings (bookings by request). Our online booking system offers simple booking system and payment processing.



  • easy to use by customers
  • 100% secure and PCI compliant
  • different payment modes (pre-paid, deposit, etc.)
  • various payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, cash, transfers and cheques)
  • triggers instant booking confirmation (an automated email)

    Your hotel can benefit from 4 booking modes:

  • Book Now / Pay Later
  • Pay Cash
  • Deposit payment
  • Pre-paid bookings
    Moreover, you can offer different payment methods with our online booking module on your hotel website:

  • major credit cards
  • Pay Pal
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Venmo

All-in-one platform for hotels is a multi-currency solutions, so you can add as many currency as you want to you online booking on your website. Moreover, if your hotel is interested to accept bitcoins as payment method, you can have bitcoin method on your hotel website as well.
By request we can integrate country specific payment methods as your custom payment method. more
With all-in-one platform for hotels you can also add a promo-code that will help you to build loyalty of your hotel website guests.



    With our online booking system you can offer standard rates, seasonal rates and rate plans, breakfasts and meals, extra services and more.

  • Standard Rates + Rate Plans
  • – Standard Rate
    – Rate Plans
    – Seasonal and Custom Rates
    – Promotions
    As an option, you can include taxes and fees in the rates of your hotel website. more

  • Breakfasts and Meal Plans
  • You can add breakfast and any meal plan on per person per night basis for your hotel. The breakfast and meal plans can be added as a multiple options to be picked from. It will be offered at the booking and customer can select to book it.

  • Extra services
  • You can add extra services, e.g., airport transfers, cleaning fee, city tour, excursion, extra linen set etc. for online bookings your hotel websites. The extra services can be added as a multiple options to be picked from. It will be offered at the booking and customer can select to book it. more

  • Adult and Children Guests
  • As online booking search criteria you can offer to separate Adults and Children as guest of your hotel. You can customize maximum number of Adults and Children in each accommodation, which will be displayed when a customer makes online reservations.

  • Age cut-offs
  • You can assign certain age categories or age cut-offs for children and offer different prices for different age groups. The recommended age categories for accommodating children at your hotel are:
    – infants up to 2 or 3 years old who can stay in your hotel for free
    – children from 2 or 3 to 11 or 12 years old who can stay in your hotel at certain discount from adult rate
    – adolescent 11 or 12 years and older who can stay at the same rate as adults.
    This are of course recommendations only, so with all-in-one platform you can adjust age-cuts according to Children Policy of your hotel.

After online booking is completed, your customers will receive an email notification with all necessary details of online bookings. This is an HTML email that can be fully customized with your hotel logo, header and footer and your own texts. Standard features of online booking include Book Now / Pay Later and Pay Cash booking modes.