iCal Sync vs channel management

What is the difference between iCal Sync and channel management for hotel?


iCal Sync vs Channel Management


People often ask what is the difference between iCal Sync and channel management and what would be better solution for hotel. Both are the mechanisms allowing your hotel to synchronize bookings in different platforms – airbnb, booking.com, VRNBO, Homeaway, TripAdvisor, etc.
ICal Sync is a mechanism that allows you to synchronize your booking and availability calendars through manual import and export of links with specific files that are generated in each booking platform. So, first you need to generate the export link in a booking platform, e.g. airbnb, then import the link into your availability calendar via iCal Sync mechanism.
Channel management is a mechanism that allows you manage your hotel in different booking platform in live regime. It is an interface that is connecting your availability system with other booking platforms. As you see, the major difference is that channel management mechanism synchronize your inventory in live regime, whereas with iCal Sync there is a time gap for synchronization. Airbnb estimate this time gap as 2 hours as it synchronizes imported calendars every 2 hours.
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