Front-desk Reservations for Hotels

Front-desk reservations for hotels


The all-in-one platform for hotels comes with in-built Availability calendar for each room that allows you to set up rates and manage all your reservations – view all reservations, modify and / or cancel them.

    Availability Calendar allows you to:

  • view availability for each room
  • view availability calendar by days
  • view 12 months calendar of room availability
  • make offline bookings or reservations by request directly on the availability calendar
  • manage all your reservations of your hotel
  • view / modify / cancel all reservations
  • filter to find reservations
  • make reservations (by telephone, email, etc.)
  • make reservations via Facebook and other social networks


Availability calendars of your hotel are synchronized with Google/Outlook calendar, so you can track your bookings without login into admin panel.


Availability calendar allows to make bookings by email, telephone or through your bed & breakfasts, guest houses, mini hotels, inns, serviced apartments, bungalows and campings, lodges, apart-hotels, motels and other small and medium size accommodation’s Facebook page.
An option you can show availability on your hotel website.