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BOOK NOW button on your hotel Facebook page


Book Now on your Facebook page is one of the most important booking channels of your hotel.


With all-in-one platform you can acquire bookings directly on Facebook
– the world’s largest social network – using simple model.


all-in-one platform proven to increase revenue:
– sell properties on your Facebook page DIRECTLY
– all promotions, best deals and discounts will be sold directly on Facebook



  • BOOK NOW button on your Facebook page
  • reservations via Facebook
  • enables visitors to make real-time online bookings
  • online direct bookings on Facebook
  • easy to use by customers
  • bookings from your website and Facebook page



Bookings will be acquired directly on your hotel’s Facebook page, using BOOK NOW button.

Demo Website

BOOK NOW on Facebook + Channel Management
for your hotel


all-in-one platform allows you to combine BOOK NOW on your Facebook page with channel management. In this case all bookings on your hotel Facebook page will be in real time synchronized with all booking channels you use. Such combination exclude any overbooking or manual one-by-one check of different booking platforms. More information about our channel management solution here.