Advanced Channel Management for Hotels

Advanced Channel Management for your hotel


all-in-one platform for hotels comes with advanced channel management that allows you to use only hand-picked booking platform you will use. Usually, channel management platforms offer your hotel a system where you are choosing different number of channels. So, you often end up paying for channels that never generate bookings.
With advanced channel management system you pay ONLY for channels you want starting from as low as EURO 1 per channel per month. Advanced channel management solution is available for all our packages, including FREE packages. In other word you can have a FREE package and use main channel(s) that generate bookings for your hotel as an add-on to your package. This applies for all packages. Moreover, some our packages includes major booking channels, such as TripAdvisor,, Expedia, as well as iCal Sync with airbnb, VRNBO, etc. Actually, people often ask what is the difference between iCal Sync and channel management. Some useful info iCal Sync vs Channel Management is here.



Why overpay?

Why should you pay for couple of hundreds channels that never generate bookings? With advanced channel management system you pay only for channels you want.

from EURO 1 channel / month

MyHotelZone is a Premium Partner of TripAdvisor

MyHotelZone is a Premium Partner of TripAdvisor and our channel management solution include instant bookings with TripAdvisor. In addition, our advanced channel management solution allow you connect with, expedia and more than 200 other channels.



Let us know which exact booking channels are you interested in and we will get back to you with the best price for channel management of your hotel.

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